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Rina Ishimori
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Rina Ichimori

Character Information
Kanji Name 石森里奈
Romaji Name Ishimori Rina
Title The Mysterious Woman
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation Seeker, NICS
Seiyu Yūka Hirose
Anime Debut Episode 1

Rina Ishimori is the mysterious woman that stole the AX-00 from a mysterious laboratory and gave it to Ban. She is an spy of the Seekers and was a former assistant of Ban's father.

Character OutlineEdit


She has dark blue long hair, having dark red eyes and purple glasses. She wears purple clothes.

Plot OutlineEdit

On the lookout

On the lookout

She first debuts as seen escaping from the Innovator's laboratory carrying a mysterious briefcase. She managed to escape and runs of to Misora Town to search for Ban and hand him over the briefcase. After asking around school, Rina manages to find Ban at the bridge and runs with him into hiding. She then explains to Ban about how she was to give him the mysterious briefcase as a request, summarizing it also as a key to hope and despair. She then looks back to find her pursuers catching up, and tells Ban to protect the briefcase as it represents the hopes and fears of humanity. Rina completes her request by giving Ban the briefcase and heads off diverting her pursuers away, giving time for Ban to escape.

She later reappears in episode 14, regrouping with Rex and Takuya and reuniting with Ban and his friends for the infiltration mission. As a spy of the Seekers, she contributed in the mission from obtaining the blueprints to Kaidou Yoshimitzu's mansion to analyze the detailed securities for possible infilration routes leading to Yamano Junichirou's location. The mission ended in failure due to Kaidou residing in the mansion awaiting their presence. Takuya managed to gain a quick upperhand by threatining Kaidou as a hostage, but that too failed due to Rina gunpointing Takuya ordering him to release Kaidou, much to everyone's shock.

It is revealed that Rina was a double-spy for the Innovators, thus explaining how Kaidou knew about the infiltration plan including the location of the Seekers' hideout. Rina's motive for her betrayal was because she desperately needs the Optima technology, invented by the Kamiya Crafts Industries to save her little sister under fragile health. However as Kamiya Crafts Industries was sponsoring for the Innovators' ambitions, the Optima technology was not approved by the goverment for any medical distributements so far because of Kaidou wanting to monopolize from the profits.