Meeting With a Small Machine

Episode 1

Chiisa na Mashin to no Deai
Episode Information
Air Date March 2, 2011
Episode 1
Opening Song One Dream
Ending Song My Piggy Bank
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Achilles Lost

Meeting With a Small Machine is the first episode of the Danball Senki anime, released on March 2, 2011.


The Mysterious Woman Escapes

The Mysterious Woman Escapes

An mysterious woman is running with a mysterious briefcase to the concourse while the alarm rings. She managed to escape and runs off in the bushes. She got followed by three guards but manged to escape from them either. She then looks at the briefcase and says that this is what it comes to. The guards report to the HQ that the fugitive got escaped. One of the scientists then ask Yamagi what they can do, because it is a desperate situation. Yamagi then tells the scientist that they must commence preparation for the agents who are gonna take care of it.

A day later, a boy named Ban is running straight to the Kitajima Model Shop where he apologize entering for being late and tells them that this week issue of LBX magazine came out today.