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Marie Yamano
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Character Information
Kanji Name 山野真理恵
Romaji Name Yamano Marie
Gender Female
Status Alive
Seiyu Akemi Okamura
Anime Debut Episode 1

Marie Yamano is Ban's mother. She don't wanna have his son getting an LBX, because her husband has been missing in a plane accident and blamed the LBX for that. She later change her mind and let him to have LBX.

Character OutlineEdit


She has brown hair and brown eyes. She has mostly been seen in motherly outfit.


8 Years AgoEdit

She was crying when she saw on the news that the airplane where her husband was in. Since that day she blamed LBX for causing such kind of disaster.

Plot OutlineEdit

Part IEdit

Ban and Marie

Ban and Marie

She came home and sees that the living room is a mess. She then sees that Ban has a LBX and tells him to clean the living room and went outside. Outside she then says that the day has finally came for Ban. The next day, she was looking to Ban and sees that he is ashamed about what happened yesterday. She then tells Ban that it is alright for him to play LBX and also knows that he secretly plays them. She then tells him, if he plays LBX, he has to become strong and that he mustn't lose to anyone.


Ban YamanoEdit

After her husbands death she won't allow Ban for having one because of their destructive behavior. Later she figured out that Ban is playing LBX secretly and one day she she's that Ban has his own LBX. A day later she tells Ban that he is allowed to play LBX and encouraged him. She cares deeply for her son and probably forbid him to play LBX for his own safety, because of the reasons what happened to her husband.