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Kazuya Aoshima
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Character Information
Kanji Name 青島カズヤ
Romaji Name Aoshima Kazuya
Gender Male
Age 13 - 14
Status Alive
Affiliation Seeker, NICS
Team Team Yamano
Location Misora Town
School Misora Secondary Junior High
Seiyu Daisuke Namikawa
Anime Debut Episode 1

Kazuya Aoshima is one of the main protagonist of the Danball Senki series. He is the friend of Ban Yamano and Ami Kawamura. He is the only character that had used a lot of LBX.

Character OutlineEdit


Kazuya appears with curly brown hair tied to the back as a ponytail, and has greenish blue eyes also he wears a baby blue jacket with a white dress shirt and red tie, and pair of black pants with black dress shoes. But also he wears a necklace which seemingly has no significance in the story. In the second season, he wears probably school uniforms.


Kazuya may seem like a bad person, and a bit scary, but in reality he is a wonderful, caring person with a great personality. He is always willing to help Ban and Ami in any situation needed. Although he is a good friend to both Ban and Ami, he is also hesitant and often a coward. Despite this, he is seen as a reliant ally, finishing stuff all the way when it needs to be done. Ban and Ami refers him as "Kazu." In the beginning, he lost his LBX but gained a new one named "Hunter." Sadly at one moment in the instant that he was trying to defeat Grand Otaku Master he found out that Hunter was just not cutting it anymore. When his chance to renew himself came, he went into the interweb with Ban and received the successor to Hunter, Fenrir.

Plot OutlineEdit

He battled Ban with a borrowed LBX but loses. At the end, he and Ami where both been heading home.