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Danball Senki (ダンボール戦機, Danbōru Senki lit. "Cardboard Battle Chronicles") is a 2011 Japanese anime series produced by Level-5 under the direction of Naohito Takahashi. The series has been based on the plastic-model-building role-playing game. The series has been aired on TV Tokyo since March 2, 2011. Dentsu Entertainment USA has also confirmed that they have licensed the Little Battlers eXperience (Danball Senki) anime in the U.S, though there's no word on a set airdate.


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This anime has been produced by Level-5 under the direction of Naohito Takahashi. The first season started from March 2, 2011 until January 11, 2012 and has been aired on TV Tokyo. The first season has been written by Atsuhiro Tomioka and the music has been done by Rei Kondoh. The first season has been licensed by Dentsu Entertainment USA, but the air date is still unknown. The story goes about Ban Yamano that loves LBXs because of his father but later he heard of his father's death which caused the mother to believe the LBXs were the cause for it so she strictly told Ban never to get one for it will cause problems in the family. Later he still enjoys playing with LBXs with his friends and shows talents towards using it then suddenly one day he recieves a special LBX from a woman which she says to him that it will change the world forever.

Danball Senki WEdit

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Danball Senki W (ダンボール戦機W (ダブル) Danball Senki W (Dabaru); lit. "Cardboard Chronicles W" or "Cardboard Chronicles Double") is a sequel of the first season. It started on January 18, 2012, an week after the first season finale and currently ongoing. Ban has become more matured and calmer than that he was in the first season. This season has also been licensed by Dentsu Entertainment USA which the air date is also unknown.


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Volume 1

Volume 1

First Chapter

First Chapter

The manga has been based from the game and anime series. It is currently written by Hideaki Fujii and has been published Shogakukan in the popular monthly magazine CoroCoro Comic from February 2011 until January 2012. There is also a second version also named Danball Senki W. It is released from February 2012 and is currently ongoing. The manga counts 3 volumes.

Video GameEdit

Little Battlers eXperienceEdit

Little Battlers eXperience (ダンボール戦機 Danbōru Senki, lit. "Cardboard Chronicles"), is a PSP role-playing video game developed by Level-5, involving small plastic model robots known as LBXs (standing for "Little Battler eXperience") that fight on dioramas made out of cardboard, with the main character setting out to battle against LBXs created by other characters. Level-5 has suggested the English language title "Little Battlers eXperience" for international release.

Little Battlers eXperience BoostEdit

The second installation/game of the series. It's release date has yet to be confirmed.