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Ami Kawamura
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Character Information
Kanji Name 川村アミ
Romaji Name Kawamura Ami
Gender Female
Age 13 - 14
Status Alive
Affiliation Seeker, NICS
Team Team Yamano
Location Misora Town
School Misora Secondary Junior High
Seiyu Marina Inoue
Anime Debut Episode 1

Ami Kawamura is one of the main protagonist of the Danball Senki series and a friend of Ban Yamano and Kazuya Aoshima.

Character OutlineEdit


Ami has short, light purple hair and purple eyes and usually wears a pink winter-like outfit with a black choker and black boots. In the second season, her hair is a little bit longer and wearing brown boots instead of black. She don't wear a little pink skirt but red short pants.


Ami is shown to be a very nice person who is has a lot of knowledge on LBX.

Plot OutlineEdit

She was watching the battle between Ban and Kazuya of their borrowed LBX and evenly announced their battle.